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Corsica Land

If you're looking for the perfect piece of land to buy in France, Corsica is one of the top choices. Located in the stunning Mediterranean Sea and featuring gorgeous mountain landscapes, this French island offers plenty of land opportunities. From rolling hillsides to beachfront properties with breathtaking views - each plot has its own unique character that will capture your imagination. Whether you want a residential property or an investment opportunity, there's something special about owning a part of this beautiful island paradise. With its growing infrastructure and economic potential, Corsica presents abundant advantages for those wishing to purchase real estate here!
  • Upper Corsica
  • South Corsica

Upper Corsica Land

Upper Corsica, in France, is an ideal spot for those searching for land with unparalleled natural beauty. The area offers rolling hills and sweeping vistas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Natural features such as the Pupu Valley and Monte Cinto make this a desirable destination for those looking to invest in rural property. Whether you are looking to develop residential land or take advantage of commercial opportunities, Upper Corsica has something to offer everyone—from agricultural farms to luxury buildings situated along picturesque bays. Those interested in investing can benefit from mild climates throughout the seasons that allow for year-round build capability of any desired features associated with rural land development projects. In Upper Corsica, you’ll find plenty of opportunity and scenic views all within easy reach!

South Corsica Land

Discover the breathtaking beauty of South Corsica, France! This stunning area is home to a variety of plots and parcels of land for sale – perfect for your next real estate project. Whether it’s an investment opportunity or a residential build, you can find some of the finest landscape with incredible views in South Corsica . Enjoy picturesque Mediterranean sea views as well as lush forests, rolling hills and rustic farmland – all available here in this charming region. With rich soil and mild climate year-round, it’s no wonder why this gorgeous piece of real estate paradise is so sought after! Consider investing in land today to enjoy these amazing benefits and get started on your dream building project now.

  • House with a pool
  • Houses
  • Houses with gardens
  • Houses with garages
  • Apartments with a balcony
  • Countryside house
  • Apartments

Corsica Houses with pool

Corsica, France is the ultimate destination for a homebuyer looking to own an elegant house with a swimming pool. There are numerous properties in Corsica that offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and luxurious amenities, such as grand outdoor pools. Whether you're looking for an exclusive two-bedroom villa or a larger estate property with five bedrooms and alluring landscaping features, there's something available to match your needs and budget. Pristine beaches nearby make it ideal for relaxing days spent by the sea or socializing with friends. Investing in real estate in Corsica can be profitable – come take advantage of these magnificent offerings!

Corsica Houses

Corsica, in France is a great destination for home buyers looking for something unique. Located just off the coast of mainland France in the Mediterranean Sea, this location offers incredible views of the sea and breathtaking mountainous landscape. With its mild climate, Corsica provides plenty of sunny days to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming and hiking. The housing market here consists mostly of villas with plenty of options ranging from traditional stone houses to modern-style apartments with lots of amenities available close by. Whether you're looking for a holiday home or permanent residence, Corsica has something special waiting for you!

Corsica Houses with garden

Experience the beauty of living in Corsica, France with a house featuring a lush garden! This stunning Mediterranean island offers plenty of warm sunshine, stunning scenery and awe-inspiring nature. Making your dream home come to life will be easy when you consider all the charming options available here. From rustic stone houses surrounded by sweeping lawns to modern villas with terraces overlooking gorgeous valleys—the dream yard is just waiting for you! Whether you want room to plant vegetables or create an outdoor entertainment space for family gatherings, Corsica's houses and gardens offer endless possibilities. Let yourself be inspired by this breathtaking natural environment—a paradise for gardening and outdoor activities.

Corsica Houses with parking

Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France, features beautiful and modern homes with garages. Whether you're looking for a villa up in the mountains or a cozy cottage near a secluded beach, there's something for everyone. With its temperate climate and picturesque views of Mt Aigoual, Corsica provides unparalleled opportunities to find your dream home with a garage. From contemporary apartments featuring private parking to hillside country estates with multiple-car garages, you'll be sure to find something that meets your needs and budget. Start your search now and experience all that this amazing French island has to offer!

Corsica Apartments with balcony

Corsica is a beautiful French island located in the Mediterranean Sea, renowned for its stunning beaches and breathtaking mountain landscapes. For those looking for a home with a balcony view of this incredible place, there are plenty of apartments available. From seaside villages to bustling towns, you can find apartment complexes with balconies that offer breathtaking views of Corsica's landscape; whether it be the crystal-clear waters lapping against white-sand beaches or rolling hills and majestic mountain peaks highlighted by clear blue skies. Choose an apartment with balcony and experience all Corsica has to offer from your own personal private space!

Corsica Country houses

If you are looking for a stunning rural house in France, Corsica is the perfect place. Set in beautiful Mediterranean landscapes with picturesque mountain views, this island offers an array of opportunities to explore nature and relax. You can find traditional cottages or villas nestled among olive tree groves or perched on hillsides with sunny terraces - ideal for peaceful lunches and barbecues. With its beaches and verdant interior, Corsica provides a unique setting for buying a rural house close to the sea. The charming atmosphere here makes it easy to forget your daily worries and fully enjoy life surrounded by nature!

Corsica Apartments

Live among the beauty of Corsica in France! This Mediterranean island is home to rolling hills, fortified towns set high atop cliffs and spectacular stretches of white sand beaches. Enjoy the breathtaking views from your luxury apartment as you discover a place where old world charm meets modern living. In Corsica, expect all conveniences of city life with a slower pace and endless outdoor activities like hiking, biking, sailing and more! With gorgeous sea vistas, vibrant culture and lush greenery – find your perfect apartment in Corsica today!