Discover the different types of architecture in the Aude
Architecture Aude
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Discover the different types of architecture in the Aude

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Influenced by the Mediterranean to the east and the mountains to the south, by the Tramontane which blows particularly this region nestled between the Massif Central and the Pyrenees, and by neighbouring Spain, the architecture of the Aude is as diverse as it is full of character! If the houses on the coast have a more Provençal influence, the country farmhouses and mountain houses seem to be more rooted in a Pyrenean tradition. Discover the different architectural styles of the Aude!

The different architectures and houses typical of the Aude

Country farmhouses

Very present in the department, the country farmhouse is a house built in length, usually with windows on one side only to counter the strong winds of the region. Built in original materials, in this case stone and slate, which are very present in the area, the farmhouse is naturally well insulated! It is a typically French habitat and full of character, very popular with international buyers.

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Les mas

Present throughout the south of the France, the farmhouse is an agricultural building or a farm, built on one level, with exposed stone facades with coloured shutters and topped with a canal tile roof. Typically built of local stones, these farmhouses are distinguished by their thick walls that provide natural insulation against the summer heat and winter cold. Renovated, the farmhouse is transformed into a house full of charm, both inside and out. Farmhouses usually benefit from a large plot of land, ideal if you want a large garden or a swimming pool. Built in the middle of the countryside, they are often surrounded by vineyards or fields, offering magnificent views of the region.

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Modern villas

Very present in the south of the France, and particularly around the Mediterranean, villas have all kinds of styles: from the modern house, dazzling with whiteness and pierced by large bay windows, to the neo-classical style, revisited Mediterranean architecture, with warm tones and sky blue shutters. What they have in common is a gigantic swimming pool, a large open terrace and, sometimes, a spectacular view!

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Village houses

The region has a string of charming medieval towns and villages, built on high ground or in the middle of olive groves, and whose picturesque houses, lined up along cobbled streets, offer the advantage of living close to all amenities and cultural activities, in an environment that is both rural and warm.

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The Bigourdane house

The Bigourdane house is undoubtedly the most typical of the Pyrenees. Built in total harmony with its surroundings, it stands out for its architecture and materials, stones and wood, carefully chosen to respond to the climate and the local way of life. The slate roof, typical of Bigourdan architecture, is particularly resistant to bad weather and snowfall. To recognize it, it's very simple: it has a large central fireplace, around which family life revolves.

Les hôtels particuliers

The Aude is renowned for its magnificent mansions that embody the elegance and refinement of French architecture. These prestigious residences, often located in the historic centres of cities such as Carcassonne and Narbonne, are distinguished by their majestic facades, high ceilings adorned with mouldings and cobbled courtyards. Originally built for the local bourgeoisie and nobility, they now offer an exceptional living environment combining the charm of yesteryear and modern comfort.

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From old houses to the most modern: a wide variety of architecture

From Mediterranean villas to Pyrenean houses, the Aude has a great architectural diversity, each style offering its own charm and character. This variety allows future owners to find a home that not only meets their functional needs but also reflects their personality and life aspirations!

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