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DOM-TOM Houses with pool

Looking for the perfect house with a swimming pool in DOM-TOM, France? Discover countless possibilities in this vibrant region. Boasting beautiful sandy beaches and stunning natural surroundings, owning a home with a pool in DOM-TOM is the ultimate luxurious escape. Enjoy breathtaking views of the French countryside or lounge by your own private pool while admiring some spectacular ocean sunsets from your deck. From Marseille to Martinique, find everything you’re looking for as you explore all that DOM-TOM has to offer! You're sure to find the perfect house with a swimming pool for sale here today.
  • La-Réunion
  • Guadeloupe
  • Martinique
  • French Guiana
  • St. Pierre & Miquelon
  • Mayotte

La-Réunion Houses with pool

La Réunion is the perfect destination for property seekers looking for a house with a swimming pool. Imagine immersing yourself in the outdoor life, waking up to stunning views and then jumping into your own private pool. The balmy tropical climate makes it an ideal spot to make the most of those summer days outside lounging by your very own pool. La Réunion offers everything you would expect from this paradise island: scenic beaches, warm sunshine and plenty of activities including water sports on its many rivers, lakes, lagoons and of course great ocean surf close by too! Select one of our houses with pools for sale and start living that dream today!

Guadeloupe Houses with pool

If you're looking for an idyllic paradise set in the French West Indies, look no further than Guadeloupe. This picturesque Caribbean destination features stunningly beautiful beaches, spectacular hot springs and a lush tropical landscape that can’t be beat. In addition, many exquisite properties in Guadeloupe come with their own private swimming pools – perfect for taking a refreshing dip after exploring the islands. Whether you’re dreaming of secluded luxury or grand-scale sophistication, you'll find plenty of gorgeous homes with pools to choose from here. From beachfront cottages to elegant villas perched high above the ocean waves; from urban lofts to mountain cabins and more - palm trees and crystal clear waters await! If you want to experience life on an island paradise at its finest while enjoying all the comforts of home; search no more – buy or rent your dream property today!

Martinique Houses with pool

Martinique is a stunning French Caribbean island, perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious home with a swimming pool. Whether you're searching for your dream vacation home or the ideal spot to settle down and start a family, Martinique offers an array of beautiful residential properties with private pools suitable for every lifestyle. From grand estate villas with ample gardens and ocean views to stylish contemporary homes boasting the latest in modern amenities, you'll find it all here - plus amazing temperatures averaging between 77°F and 82°F all year round! With its picture-perfect beaches, exquisite culture and superior quality of life, look no further than Martinique to enjoy the full benefits of owning a house with swimming pool.

French Guiana Houses with pool

Searching for your dream home with a private pool in French Guiana? Look no further! French Guiana is full of spectacular properties that will check all the boxes. Boasting unbeatable views, these homes feature plush outdoor spaces and shimmering swimming pools perfect for weekend relaxation or hosting special events. With easy access to the world-famous Ile de Salut beaches, local markets, restaurants, and more - you'll be immersed in luxurious living. Find your own slice of paradise amongst stunning houses with swimming pools in French Guiana today!

St. Pierre & Miquelon Houses with pool

St. Pierre & Miquelon, a beautiful archipelago of small islands situated off the coast of France near Newfoundland in Canada, is the perfect destination for those looking for paradise with a pool! From stunning waterfront villas with private pools to chic cottages set in lush gardens and equipped with their own sparkling swimming pools, there are plenty of picturesque properties here offering all the amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for an idyllic beachside getaway or want to explore St. Pierre & Miquelon's culture from your own private oasis, these houses with swimming pools have it all. With characterful neighborhoods full of charm and character too – this is truly one-of-a-kind real estate that won't stay on the market for long!

Mayotte Houses with pool

Mayotte is a remarkable place to find that perfect house with a swimming pool. Mayotte's warm sunny climate offers an ideal setting for outdoor fun and relaxation. With its long coastline offering unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean, this French collectivity provides stunning scenery in addition to plenty of opportunities to go swimming or just relax by the pool in privacy and comfort. Look no further for your dream home with a swimming pool - Mayotte is definitely worth considering! From villas overlooking the ocean to chic modern homes situated in prestigious gated communities, there are numerous choices when it comes to real estate with pools here. Enjoy luxurious amenities and picturesque landscapes at every turn - start your search now!