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Ile-de-France Houses

Ile-de-France is one of the most sought after regions in France for people who want to own a house. This region provides beautiful homes, all across its charming towns and villages. From sprawling chateaux to modern apartments, there’s something for everyone here. The houses come with plenty of amenities, such as large gardens, terraced balconies and spacious rooms. And with easy access to public transport hubs and popular attractions in this region full of culture and art, Ile-de-France is the ideal place to purchase an exquisite home!
  • Paris
  • Seine-et-Marne
  • Yvelines
  • Seine-Saint-Denis
  • Essonne
  • Hauts-de-Seine
  • Val-d'Oise

Paris Houses

Paris is a city of history and culture, perfect for modern families as well as those seeking to purchase their first home. With its vast array of amenities, Paris is the ideal destination for house hunters looking for an enriching quality of life. From sprawling villas to quaint apartments, you can find a variety of houses on the market here. Enjoy shopping at Champs Elysees or take a walk along the River Seine and uncover beautiful hidden gems around the old town – there’s something special about this city that makes it unique when browsing through houses for sale in Paris. Whether you are searching for luxurious homes with breathtaking views or more affordable options close to great schools, our extensive selection ensures everyone can find something special in the City Of Lights.

Seine-et-Marne Houses

Seine-et-Marne is an idyllic region situated in northern France. The area offers a lush landscape dotted with rolling hills, historic towns and picturesque villages. Houses for sale in the beautiful region of Seine-et-Marne have been increasing in popularity due to its easy access to Paris and London, outstanding quality of life, excellent educational facilities and prime locations near the River Seine. From traditional homes in tranquil countryside communities to charming townhouses near bustling city markets – there is something for everyone looking for a house for sale in Seine-et Marne. Explore stunning scenery, rich culture and amazing architecture while searching for your dream home!

Yvelines Houses

If you're looking for the ideal home in Yvelines, then let us help. From charming waterfront properties to majestic mountain estates, our portfolio of houses in Yvelines offers something to suit everyone's needs. Boasting rich cultural and natural attractions, it’s easy to see why this delightful area has become so popular with those seeking a fresh start. Whether you’re looking for an idyllic country estate or a modern property with all the latest amenities nearby, we have something perfect for your requirements. Browse our selection of Homes in Yvelines today and discover all that this beautiful region has to offer!

Seine-Saint-Denis Houses

Seine-Saint-Denis, France is known for its beautiful Houses. With access to some of the country's most vibrant communities and captivating scenery, this place makes an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a House. Homebuyers can find elegant residences in the city, ranging from modern apartments to traditional family homes with plenty of space for everyone. With access to top schools, parks and other amenities you're sure to find your perfect dream home in Seine-Saint-Denis! Whether you're looking for a cozy cottage or luxurious estate, Seine-Saint Denis will have something just right.

Essonne Houses

Essonne, a picturesque region of France, is the perfect place for finding your dream home. With its stunning landscapes and charming villages, you'll quickly fall in love with life in Essonne. Here you can find beautiful houses ranging from traditional country cottages to luxury modern homes – all at great value prices. Enjoy peaceful days strolling through unspoilt countryside or take advantage of excellent transport connections to Paris to explore the big city life. Whether you're looking for a family-friendly neighbourhood or something more secluded, Essonne has it all!

Hauts-de-Seine Houses

Hauts-de-Seine is a beautiful region in France, renowned for its exceptional selection of houses. Whether you're searching for a contemporary apartment or a classic French villa, you can find it here. Hauts-de-Seine offers excellent infrastructure and public transport, making it an ideal place to live and work in style. Families will appreciate the numerous gardens and parks scattered throughout the area which guarantee plenty of entertainment options for all ages. Furthermore, Hauts-de-Seine boasts top educational facilities, ensuring that your children enjoy a high standard of education. Finally, discovering properties to buy or rent in this stunning region is made easy with our listings: from terraced homes to sprawling rural estates; all can be found within our extensive real estate catalogue!

Val-d'Oise Houses

Val-d'Oise, located near Paris in the northern region of France, is a great place to invest in real estate. Here you will find an abundance of exquisite houses for sale from modern and contemporary designs to traditional and classic styles. From spectacular views over the countryside to luxurious suburban living, Val-d'Oise has something for everyone. With great transport links to Paris and beyond, it is easy to access all the benefits that come with living in such a wonderful area. Investing in Real Estate here guarantees quality homes available at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for characterful townhouses or spacious villas with large gardens, there is sure to be something perfect for you!

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Ile-de-France Houses with pool

Ile-de-France is the perfect destination for house buyers looking for a property with a swimming pool. With its attractive rural landscapes and stunning cityscapes, this region of France has so much to offer. From medieval châteaux and romantic riverbanks to vibrant market towns, Ile-de-France has plenty of properties with beautiful swimming pools where you can relax in style – perfect for those hot summer days! With its convenient access to Paris and other nearby attractions, it’s no wonder many people pick this as their ideal spot for property with a pool. Whether you’re after a suburban villa or an urban apartment, real estate options in Ile-de-France are sure to meet your needs – just make sure you take that dip in the pool!

Ile-de-France Houses with parking

Looking for a house with a garage in Ile-de-France, France? Look no further! From luxurious lofts to chic studios, this region offers an impressive selection of properties with garages. Whether you are seeking an urban condo or a suburban residence, Ile-de-France has the perfect one for you. Enjoy all of the amenities and convenience that come standard when purchasing a home in this popular region of France. With several desirable neighborhoods and homes boasting modern features like gated driveways and extra storage spaces – what more could you ask for? Start your search now and choose from our wide range of houses with garages for sale in Ile-de-France today!

Ile-de-France Land

Ile-de-France is the premier region of France, located in the country's northern half. Located close to Paris, Ile-de-France boasts some of the most sought after land parcels in Europe. With breathtaking vistas and lush meadows, prime plots of land for sale here offer plentiful opportunities for investment or a place to call home. With stunning landscapes around every corner and historic towns set against rolling hillsides and bustling cities, you are sure to find exactly what you need when searching Ile-de-France real estate market. Whether it's residential, agricultural or commercial purpose land – there is something perfect waiting for you!

Ile-de-France Houses with garden

Discover the pastoral charm of Ile-de-France, France, with houses for sale boasting lush gardens. Whether you’re searching for a city property with an idyllic garden courtyard or a rural retreat surrounded by meadows and trees, you can find your ideal home in this region. Each house provides plenty of outdoor space to enjoy nature's beauty and entertain guests. Enjoy all the benefits of owning a house in Ile-de-France - countryside views, proximity to urban attractions, cozy terraced gardens - whenever you step out into your garden paradise! Explore our range of homes with spectacular gardens in Ile-de-France today!

Ile-de-France Country houses

Feel like a true Parisian and experience the freshest air in Ile-de-France! Escape the hustle of city life with rural houses situated in breathtaking nature. Whether it's for a weekend getaway or your new home, there are plenty of options to suit any lifestyle. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets over the rolling hills and fresh produce from nearby farmers markets. Rural houses provide an excellent opportunity to live close enough to Paris for convenience but far enough away to experience incredible tranquility. Find your next dream home today in Ile-de-France!

Ile-de-France Apartments with balcony

Experience the stunning beauty of living in Ile-de-France, France with a balcony view. From the enchanting Seine River to the iconic Eiffel Tower, Ile-de-France is home to some of the most magnificent sights and picturesque architecture that Europe has to offer. Our selection of apartments with balconies located in this beautiful region allows you to take in its splendor from your own doorstep. Relax and admire vistas over Parisian rooftops or stroll along cobbled streets in comfort - it's all within reach when you buy an apartment with a balcony here! Don't miss out on experiencing life at its finest - find your ideal property today!

Ile-de-France Apartments

Welcome to the beautiful Ile-de-France region of France! This vibrant and diverse area offers an array of living options for those looking for a new home - from charming apartments in the city centre to townhouses and villas on iconic Parisian suburbs. Whether you're seeking a modern city apartment or something more traditional on the outskirts, Ile-de-France is ideal for finding spectacular homes with authentic French character. Enjoy exploring all that this dynamic region has to offer: stunning architecture, lively nightlife, indulging shopping experiences, incredible historical landmarks and much more! Find your perfect place in one of Ile-de-France's fantastic locales today.