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Upper Normandy Property

Upper Normandy, in France is a serene place that’s ideal for anyone looking to purchase real estate. Located between Paris and the Channel coastlines, this region is home to an abundance of picturesque villages and stunning countryside ripe for exploration. Residents enjoy a mild Mediterranean climate year-round with plenty of sunshine and ocean breezes. With its flavorful cuisine, charming towns, and diverse landscape, it's no wonder why Upper Normandy has become one of France's top spots for buying property. Whether you're looking for a second or vacation home or are interested in investing in large housing projects, Upper Normandy has something for everyone when it comes to real estate investments.
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Seine-Maritime Property

Explore beautiful Seine-Maritime, a coastal region of Northern France. Home to the historic port of Le Havre and charming Rouen, this picturesque region is rich in culture and history. Enjoy a stroll through its vibrant towns: Fécamp, Étretat and Saint-Valery-en-Caux are all must-sees. With miles of golden beaches to explore, plus the wonderful parkland at Forêt de Brotonne National Park, you'll find plenty to do here. Buy or rent property in Seine-Maritime for an idyllic quality of life on the coast – with excellent transport links from Paris and London just a short drive away!

Eure Property

Eure is a beautiful French prefecture nestling in the valley of the Seine. The region offers something for everyone, with enchanting countryside, serene villages and vibrant cities. With its excellent transport links to Paris and other major European cities, Eure is an ideal place to live or visit. Characterised by picturesque churches and ancient architecture, this corner of France will capture your heart. The mild climate throughout the year means that you can enjoy outdoor activities like picnicking in lush green meadows or cycling along winding riverside paths as well as cultural experiences such as exploring local markets brimming with fresh produce or sampling some of Eure’s unbeatable local cuisine. All in all, whoever visits or lives in Eure experiences true French charm!

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Upper Normandy Land

Upper Normandy, located in the northern part of France, is a great choice for purchasing land. This region offers fertile agricultural soil and thick forests ideal for constructing log homes or building farms. Enjoy oceanside living with spectacular views of the English Channel from this coastal area. The area enjoys mild temperatures year round, making it well suited for outdoor activities like swimming and biking. With ample space to build your dream home or vacation escape amidst gorgeous scenery, Upper Normandy is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to invest in recreational or residential land. Come explore all that Upper Normandy has to offer!

Upper Normandy Houses with pool

Upper Normandy is a beautiful region of France, offering stunning views and a wide range of housing options to suit any lifestyle. With numerous properties boasting their own pools in the area, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye. From family homes perfect for entertaining to contemporary designs fit for luxury living, there is bound to be something that fits all your needs and wants. If you’ve ever dreamed about owning a pool in France, Upper Normandy could be the dream destination for you! Enjoy sun-drenched days by the pool surrounded by lush forests and winding roads – all just a few steps away from your doorstep. Make this paradise yours today with houses featuring swimming pools available now!

Upper Normandy Apartments with balcony

Upper Normandy in France is the perfect destination for luxury apartment seekers with balconies. Whether you're looking to settle down and relax or explore this vibrant region of historical significance, there's something here for everyone. From Le Havre's stunning waterfront views to Dieppe's fine dining and cultural attractions, Upper Normandy offers up a variety of spectacular apartments with balconies that make it a must-see location for property buyers. Enjoy sweeping ocean views or city skyline scenes from your balcony, take advantage of the excellent transport links throughout the area, and discover plenty of green spaces perfect for leisurely strolls. Come see why Upper Normandy is fast becoming one of the most sought after luxury real estate locations in France!

Upper Normandy Apartments

Upper Normandy is a picturesque region of France situated along the coast of the English Channel. Boasting stunning beaches, majestic cliffs, rolling hills and beautiful waterfront communities, this area offers something for everyone. Upper Normandy apartments are among some of the most sought after in the country due to their unique combination of modern amenities, luxury living and convenient locations. Whether you’re looking for an upmarket city centre apartment or a cosy countryside retreat there’s sure to be something to suit your needs here in Upper Normandy. From spacious studios to large family homes you can experience all that this vibrant destination has to offer with ease and comfort - making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants a luxurious escape from everyday life.

Upper Normandy Houses with parking

Upper Normandy is a stunning region in France, offering gorgeous houses with garages for sale. Whether you’re looking for a large family home, or something more compact and cozy in nature, there are many properties to choose from. Each house features an attached garage that provides plenty of storage space and protection from the elements. Upper Normandy also boasts a charming rural landscape full of rolling hills and winding rivers – tranquil surroundings perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. With easy access to major metropolitan hubs like Paris, Rouen, and Le Havre, Upper Normandy is truly an idyllic place to call home.

Upper Normandy Houses with garden

Upper Normandy is a beautiful region in northern France, perfect for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors. With its bucolic scenery and abundance of natural beauty, it’s no surprise that houses with gardens are highly sought after here. From the vast rolling hills and lush green meadows of Le Havre to elegant manor homes nestled amid sprawling countryside estates in Dieppe, there are beautiful garden homes to be found all over Upper Normandy. Whether you are looking for a quaint townhouse or an expansive estate home surrounded by acres of nature, real estate in this part of France will have something special awaiting you!

Upper Normandy Houses

Upper Normandy, France is a picturesque region of rolling hills and vibrant communities. Located in the northwest of the country, Upper Normandy offers stunning views of the English Channel and easy access into Paris. Whether it's an iconic French chateau or a cozy village cottage, this region has plenty to offer those looking for houses for sale in Upper Normandy. With its culture-rich capital city Rouen as well as villages full of rural charm, there are hundreds of housing options available in this scenic part of France. From spacious family homes to bustling city flats, you can find the perfect house for sale in Upper Normandy that best suits your needs and budget!