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DOM-TOM Property

The French DOM-TOM (Departments and Territories of Overseas France) comprise five overseas departments (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Mayotte and Réunion) as well as a number of other territories. Each offers its own unique charms when it comes to real estate investment opportunities. From the lush rainforests of Guyana to the white sand beaches of La Réunion, there's something for everyone among these emerging markets. Whether you're buying or renting property here in France's exotic reaches, expect stunning scenery and unbeatable value for money across all segments – from luxury homes by the sea to urban apartments in lively neighbourhoods. With so much on offer – not least the favourable climate – DOM-TOM is an excellent choice for anyone seeking their perfect property abroad.
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  • Guadeloupe
  • Martinique
  • French Guiana
  • St. Pierre & Miquelon
  • Mayotte

La-Réunion Property

La Réunion, situated off the coast of Africa and in the Indian Ocean, is a French island destination with something for everyone. Whether you want to relax or explore its lush environs; La Réunion is an ideal spot for buying real estate. Mountains are interspersed with areas of lowlands and plains that lead down to white sands upon azure waters. From beach-front villas to rural houses, there's property to suit budgets of all sorts. So why not buy some real estate in La Réunion today? The climate and relaxed atmosphere make it a paradise for those seeking good value on their investments as well as anyone looking for year-round sunshine and beautiful surroundings! Investing in real estate on this French island means being close enough to popular destinations like Saint-Gilles and Grande Anse while still having enough privacy from big cities like St Denis or St Pierre. Buy your dream home today in stunning La Réunion!

Guadeloupe Property

Guadeloupe is an island paradise located in the French West Indies, offering a plethora of stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes and quaint small villages. Whether it’s a family holiday or simply a break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life - Guadeloupe has something for everyone. With its vibrant local culture, year-round warm temperatures and outstandingly modern real estate options such as luxury condos, contemporary villas and charming beachfront homes – investing in property on this tropical island is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. From studio apartments to country estates; with stunning mountain views and lush gardens - there's no shortage of options when it comes to finding your dream home within this gorgeous oasis!

Martinique Property

Discover the beautiful island of Martinique in France, renowned for its picture-perfect beaches, idyllic landscapes and vibrant historic towns. Nestled in the Caribbean Sea is a paradise full of activities to explore - relax on the palm-fringed white sand beaches; visit Fort-de-France with its mix of colorful French and Creole architecture; go hiking in one of many lush national parks; sample local cuisine at the lively marketplaces and street stalls, or take a cruise from Pointe du Bout to Les Trois Îlets. This is a land of magical beauty, perfect for holidaymakers seeking sun, sea and sand. Whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure, Martinique is sure to be your ideal getaway destination!

French Guiana Property

Located in the northeast corner of South America, French Guiana is a stunning destination for anyone looking to purchase real estate. With its tropical climate and lush landscapes, it is home to a wide range of activities that settle into an exotic paradise – from rainforest hikes and beachside relaxation to scuba diving adventures and bird watching experiences. Here you can find everything from beautiful condominiums with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea to secluded homes tucked away in banks of mangroves. Whether you’re looking for vacation property or a full-time residence, French Guiana offers something special for everyone seeking real estate in this idyllic corner of the world.

St. Pierre & Miquelon Property

Welcome to beautiful St. Pierre & Miquelon! Our unique archipelago in the North Atlantic will provide you with an unparalleled level of tranquillity and serenity that can only be found here. With stunning coastlines, breathtaking mountain views, and traditional French culture, there is something for everyone on this enchanting island paradise. Our real estate offerings include gorgeous villas surrounded by lush gardens and hills, peaceful countryside cottages in beautifully preserved fishing villages, luxurious furnished apartments close to restaurants and shopping centres – all with exceptional ocean views from every angle. You won’t regret making your new home here!

Mayotte Property

Mayotte is a tropical paradise located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Known for its pristine beaches, temperate climate and diverse wildlife, Mayotte offers a unique blend of French culture and African charm. With crystal clear waters, lush foliage and exotic wildlife, Mayotte provides endless opportunities for restful relaxation or adventure-filled exploration. Here you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes inspired by French cuisine as well as cultural monuments that reflect the island's fascinating history. No matter what you’re looking for in your new home or vacation destination, Mayotte is sure to fulfill all your needs!

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DOM-TOM Houses with pool

Live your dream life in DOM-TOM, France! The exquisitely beautiful landscape and picturesque scenery offer an ideal environment to own a swimming pool. Feel the warm island breeze as you enjoy the sunshine and soak up the amazing views from your backyard oasis. From luxury villas with private infinity pools to more modest offerings, there’s something for everyone. Look for homes with stylishly designed outdoor areas that extend living spaces into nature – perfect for entertaining guests or just enjoying a peaceful moment alone! Invest in one of these properties and start living a lifestyle filled with fun, relaxation, and beauty.

DOM-TOM Houses

Explore the unique culture of DOM-TOM in France. DOM-TOM is a diverse region, offering a variety of house types for sale – from wood-framed homes to stone rural cottages and more! From stunning views of the mountain ranges to beachside living, there's something for everyone. Whether you want to be close to town or prefer seclusion, you can find it in one of the many properties available for sale in DOM-TOM. Discover beautiful French houses with modern features and traditional touches tucked away among idyllic villages and countryside landscapes. Let us help you move into your dream home in this picturesque region today!

DOM-TOM Apartments with balcony

Discover the wonders of DOM-TOM in France and purchase your next apartment with a private balcony! From incredibly diverse landscapes to lush tropical forests, DOM-TOM has some of the most striking natural scenery in all of France. Whether you are looking for an inner-city apartment surrounded by delicious eateries or a penthouse boasting stunning views – there’s something available within our exclusive selection of condos and apartments with balconies. With beautiful year round Mediterranean weather, it’s easy to enjoy days spent on your own balcony taking in the breathtaking sights. Search now for your perfect place in DOM-TOM – make sure you don’t miss out on this French gem!


Explore the exotic DOM-TOMs with land for sale in France! Whether you're looking for a farming estate, an opportunity to build something from scratch or just to own French property near spectacular nature, France's six overseas departments and territories offer amazing options. Set aside from mainland Europe, these exciting destinations all have lush landscapes filled with beaches, jungles and mountains awaiting exploration. With plenty of agricultural space ripe for development or renovation projects, buying land in one of the DOM-TOMs is definitely worth considering. Get away from it all and find your oasis of peace and tranquility today!

DOM-TOM Houses with garden

Situated in the DOM-TOM region of France, this one-of-a-kind house with a garden is sure to take your breath away. Located in lush green pastures and surrounded by peaceful countryside, this home's picturesque outdoor space will delight nature lovers. With ample landscaped areas for relaxation or entertainment, you can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort and luxury of your own house with a garden. The interior offers plenty of room for all your needs - ideal whether you're looking to relax or host gatherings with family and friends. For unrivaled beauty and tranquility, look no further than this exquisite DOM-TOM house with a garden!

DOM-TOM Houses with parking

DOM-TOM, France is a vibrant region full of beauty and culture. Real estate in this area is in high demand and there are plenty of luxurious homes with garages for sale. Whether you’re looking for a suburban villa or an urban condo, DOM-TOM offers the perfect solution to your housing needs. Experience the French way of life from your own sheltered garage – ideal for both cars and storage space! All options come fully equipped with modern amenities like gated parking and 24/7 security systems for extra peace of mind when it comes to luxury living in DOM-TOM, France.

DOM-TOM Apartments

DOM-TOM in France is a paradise for real estate seekers! From the white sand beaches of French Polynesia to the lush jungles of Martinique, find your ideal home in one of DOM-TOM's many islands. Whether you're looking for an apartment with plenty of outdoor space or stunning views overlooking volcanic mountains, we've got it all. Enjoy the warm breezes and perfect weather year round as you experience these idyllic islands. With access to both pristine nature and bustling cities, DOM-TOM is sure to make your dreams come true!