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The Château de Saumur, Loire

The Château de Saumur, Loire

Pays-de-la-Loire property

Previously the ancient Marches of Brittany, the Loire Region benefits, thanks to Nantes, to a royal opening to the Ocean, but also the interior is made up of peaceful green countryside. Property in the Loire region reflects this duality. You will find houses for sale which are at the seaside, or almost, as they lie along the coast. However, you could also choose to buy a property in the quiet, temperate countryside, or on the banks of the Loire. If you like, buying a house in Angers, Nantes, Laval or Le Mans will plunge you into the rich past of these ancient medieval cities. There is one troubling detail: in Naples there is a chateau that looks strangely like the one in Angers. But this is not astonishing. The Dukes of Anjou reigned there for some time, then came back here to France. No doubt to take advantage of the mild climate in Angers.
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  • Vendée
  • Mayenne
  • Loire-Atlantique
  • Sarthe

Maine-et-Loire Property

Maine-et-Loire is a familiar and beautiful département in the Pays de la Loire region of France. Located in the heart of western France, it is known for its picturesque towns and villages with lush greenery, traditional architecture and breathtaking countryside views. Whether you're looking for an old farmhouse or a modern villa, Maine-et-Loire real estate offers something for everyone. It has plenty of options from quaint village houses to city apartments or waterfront retreats – all within easy reach of the area's wonderful amenities such as shopping, dining, culture and entertainment. With low property prices compared to other regions of France and quick connections to nearby cities like Nantes by road or rail – Maine-et-Loire real estate is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a home in this stunning part of the world.

Vendée Property

The Vendée region in France is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Its idyllic coastline, charming countryside, and endless coastal towns are a delight to explore. With beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, the Vendée enjoys some of the best surf conditions in France. For those looking to invest in property abroad, its temperate climate and stunning scenery make it an ideal destination. Whether you're seeking an investment opportunity or dream home on the coast – the Vendée has something for everyone! Explore its vibrant villages and lively nightlife – all among tranquil nature reserves along with hundreds of miles of sandy beaches just waiting to be discovered. The Vendée is truly a paradise on earth.

Mayenne Property

The beautiful Mayenne in France is a perfect destination for anyone looking to buy real estate. Located in the Pays-de-la-Loire region, this charming village offers an array of homes to explore. From cozy cottages and quaint country homes, to grand villas – there's something for everyone here. Its proximity to the city center makes it ideal for commuters, while lush greenery and traditional French architecture creates an inviting atmosphere for all who visit. Whether you are looking for a peaceful weekend retreat or your forever home; Mayenne has something special on offer! With its wonderful climate, celebrity residents, and bustling nightlife; make sure you don't miss out on this great opportunity in France.

Loire-Atlantique Property

Historically the capital of Brittany, Nantes offers Loire-Atlantique a majestic opening to the Ocean. Wide sandy beaches, small fishing harbors and green countryside are a good mix in this department with its wide variety of landscapes. One should not forget La Brière, nature park with canals, the peat bogs, the many thatched houses, or the Guérande salt marshes. Property in Loire-Atlantique is varied and the prices differ a lot depending on the emplacement. You can therefore choose, depending on your fancy (sea or countryside?) and your budget, between a renovated mill near Châteaubriant, an apartment with sea views in Pouliguen, a villa in Pornic or a beautiful country house, just a few minutes from the centre of Nantes.

Harbor-side houses at Croisic

Harbor-side houses at Croisic

Sarthe Property

Sarthe is an idyllic French city that provides the best of rural and urban living. The area features rolling hills, rivers, forests, and a host of small towns and villages. The city centre is brimming with history, culture, cuisine and nightlife. Whether you're looking for a traditional country retreat or a vibrant urban oasis - Sarthe has something to offer everyone! Step inside its historic churches or get lost at one of its famed chateaux. Perfect your swing on some world-class golf courses or take part in some outdoor activities come summertime – from biking to fishing to sailing along the extensive river systems. There's no shortage of amenities here - both locally made products as well as international favourites are widely available for purchase in the nearby village markets. With affordable housing plus excellent education options – Sarthe makes for the perfect destination for those seeking an exquisite lifestyle experience!

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Pays-de-la-Loire Apartments with balcony

Pays-de-la-Loire is a beautiful region in the heart of France, offering a variety of apartment options with balconies. From the bustling city life of Nantes to the quaint villages in Vendée, Pays-de-la-Loire offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking for an urban apartment with plenty of space or a countryside retreat with mountain views and access to outdoor activities, search listings online for apartments with balconies in this stunning area. Enjoy all that nature has to offer while having your own private balcony from which to soak up the sun or admire magical sunsets! Find out more today about rentals available throughout Pays de la Loire – it's time to make your dream French home come true!

Pays-de-la-Loire Land

Pays-de-la-Loire in France offers plenty of land for sale, suitable for a range of purposes. Whether you’re in the market for large acreages that can be turned into agricultural land, or smaller parcels to build a house, Pays-de-la Loire has something to offer. Real estate opportunities here include green spaces as well as urban plots with stunning views and access to public transport options. Offering fertile soil and diverse terrain, the countryside is ideal for investment in farming activities if desired. With its vast array of culture and heritage sites scattered across this French region, Pays de la Loire is perfect for investors looking to invest in land development opportunities while getting the chance to explore all that it has to offer.

Pays-de-la-Loire Houses with pool

Live life in luxury with a home in the Pays-de-la-Loire region of France. Immerse yourself in beautiful landscapes and stroll along the magnificent Loire River. Finding homes for sale is simple; look no further than our listings featuring stunning houses with swimming pools. Whether you want an exquisite vacation villa or a beachside house with direct access to a pool, you’ll find it here! With its perfect climate, unique culture and breathtaking views, Pays-de-la-Loire is perfect for those looking for an unforgettable holiday or simply want to enjoy the finest features that France has to offer. Get ready to make memories of your dream home surrounded by graceful gardens and sparkling night skies!

Pays-de-la-Loire Apartments

Discover the beauty of the Pays-de-la-Loire region of France with its vibrant cities, stunning beaches, and lush countryside. From charming villages to bustling metropolitan areas, Pays-de-la-Loire has something for everyone. With a variety of apartment listings for sale in the area, you can find your ideal place to call home. Whether it's a beachfront condo, an elegant city loft or a country cottage surrounded by scenic vistas – explore all that Pays de la Loire has to offer! Find your dream home today in this picturesque French region located on the Atlantic coast.

Pays-de-la-Loire Houses with parking

Pays-de-la-Loire offers homeowners plenty of houses with garages for sale. From small rural homes in the countryside to luxurious villas along the coast, this dynamic region has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a garage big enough to accommodate two cars or an extra unit that can be used as a workshop, Pays-de-la-Loire features many listings of houses with garages available. The area also enjoys mild weather year round so there are lots of opportunities to enjoy outdoor living and entertaining in your own backyard too! With plenty of choices and great prices, finding your ideal house with a garage in Pays de la Loire will be easy and enjoyable!

Pays-de-la-Loire Houses with garden

Discover the beauty of Pays-de la-Loire in western France and explore all that this region has to offer with its stunning real estate houses with gardens. This breathtaking area of stunning cliffs, beaches, and lush green landscapes is home to some luxurious houses ideal for your dream residence. From spacious traditional homes surrounded by tranquil gardens or sprawling villas overlooking the sea, there's something for everyone in Pays-de-la Loire. Whether you are looking for a cozy abode close to nature or an extravagant vacation house with plenty of land you'll find the perfect location here! With access to several historic towns, countless outdoor activities, and a variety of amenities, owning a home with garden in Pays-de la Loire is an opportunity not too be missed.

Pays-de-la-Loire Houses

The French region of Pays-de-la-Loire is located in the country's west and it offers an amazing array of real estate opportunities. Here you can find beautiful Houses with unique architectural features, stunning interiors and plenty of space to create your dream home. Visitors will be able to admire houses built in various styles from traditional charm to modern chic. Whether you are looking for a cozy cottage or a grand villa, you have come to the right place for Houses in Pays-de-la-Loire: countless properties with excellent views on picturesque landscapes, beaches and villages all over this region of France await buyers keen on getting their own piece of paradise!