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The Mont-Blanc, French Alps

The Mont-Blanc, French Alps

Rhone-Alpes property

Nature reserves, lakes and unique sites like Mont Blanc or the Ardeche Gorges are just some of the many assets that this privileged region benefits from. It is a paradise for experienced climbers and skiers. It is also a special destination for lovers of fine food and top class wines. And let us not forget Lyon, ancient capital of Roman Gaul and remarkable capital with a rich architectural heritage. If property in some areas of Rhone-Alpes remains expensive, it represents nevertheless an excellent investment because the chalets in Méribel, or the apartments in Megève can be rented in summer as well as in winter. Houses for sale in Lyon, on the heights of Fourvières are also much sought after, but in other areas of Rhone-Alpes, it is possible to find farms or houses for sale at very affordable prices.
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Ardèche Property

Ardèche, located in south-east France, is a paradise of beauty and serenity. This picturesque region is known for its enchanting landscapes and rolling hills dotted with vineyards. The rolling hills are great for leisurely strolls or bike rides to take in the stunning views. When you’re not exploring outdoors, explore the lovely towns and villages full of quaint architecture and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Ardèche is ideal for families looking to get away from it all or couples looking for a romantic retreat. With so much on offer, this incredible area has something for everyone!

Haute-Savoie Property

Haute Savoie is a beautiful region of France located near the Swiss border. It offers some of the country’s most spectacular views and unique attractions, as well as plenty of opportunities for real estate investments. From charming lakeside villages to bustling cities such as Annecy and Chamonix, Haute Savoie has something for everyone who wishes to invest in property here. Its picturesque landscapes offer an idyllic setting with stunning mountain ranges, lush forests, rolling hills and sparkling lakes – perfect for those looking for an unforgettable lifestyle or holiday home in France. With its close proximity to Geneva airport and great transport connections, Haute Savoie has become a hotspot for foreign investors seeking affordable quality real estate investment options with a potential yield return on investment over time.

Savoy Property

Savoy is a stunning region in France, located along the French Alps and close to Lake Geneva. This beautiful area boasts breathtaking mountain scenery, crystal clear waters and some of the best skiing in Europe. Savoy also offers plenty of cultural attractions with its medieval old towns and castles, charming villages, prehistoric sites and Renaissance architecture. Whether you’re looking for an idyllic holiday destination or somewhere to move permanently, Savoy has it all. With its great sports facilities, breath-taking natural beauty, amazing history and vibrant culture – there’s no better place than savory to call home!

Drôme Property

The beautiful Drôme region of France is the perfect destination for luxury real estate. Whether you're looking for a modern villa with stunning views, a classic country house or a city apartment in one of the quaint towns and villages, there's something to suit all tastes. With its gently rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves, Drôme offers some of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe. From waterfront properties near Montélimar to grand Provençal manors in Romanée-sur-Isère and traditional stone houses nestled in charming hamlets like St. Rambert-d'Albon - if you're searching for luxury real estate with character and charm then this is definitely the place to look!

Isère Property

Isère, located in the French Alps, is a great destination for those seeking exciting and unparalleled natural beauty. From sprawling rivers to majestic mountain peaks, Isère offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking and more. The region also offers plenty of cultural activity with its many quaint villages and charming towns full of history. Whether you’re looking to buy an apartment or build your own dream home in Isère’s beautiful landscapes, you can be sure of finding something special here. With its stunning nature reserves and vibrant bustling cities close by – Grenoble being the main hub – Isère has something for everyone when it comes to real estate!

Rhône Property

Everyone has heard of Lyon, ancient Gallic capital where the Saône and the Rhône meet, as well as Bellecour Square, the Park of the Tête d'Or, of the Festival of Light and the famous 'bouchons', the restaurants where the 'tabliers de sapeurs' (sappers apron, a gourmet specialty from Lyon) and 'quenelles de brochet' (a dish like a dumpling stew made of pike fish), washed down with a glass of Beaujolais are the delight of everyone. To digest all this, there are the marvelous hiking trails of the Beaujolais and Lyonnais hills. Property in Rhône is varied and the price range is very wide. So, an apartment in Villeurbanne, or a wine grower's house near Villefranche-sur-Saône? If you choose Lyon, would you prefer the Fourvière hilltops, the slopes of the Croix-Rousse, or the banks of the Saône?

One of the streets in old Lyon

One of the streets in old Lyon

Ain Property

Ain is a beautiful French department located at the eastern end of France. With its lush green hills, inviting countrysides and stunning lakes, Ain offers an idyllic escape from city life. Every season has something special to offer in this picturesque region - the crisp autumn air; rich winter landscapes; bright spring flowers and warm summer days. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful holiday home or a permanent residence, Ain has something for everyone with its excellent selection of real estate properties ranging from affordable apartments to luxurious villas. Find your perfect property in this delightful part of France today!

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Rhône-Alpes Houses

Rhône-Alpes is a spectacular region in France, offering stunning Houses for sale. With its lush forests, majestic mountains and tranquil lakes, this charming region welcomes homebuyers from near and far to enjoy all of its natural beauty. From city to countryside living options, there are many unique opportunities to purchase a House in Rhône-Alpes. Each property offers luxurious amenities including modern kitchens, updated bathrooms and spacious bedrooms – all while boasting breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you're interested in purchasing or renting your dream home in this region, Rhône-Alpes has something special for everyone looking for their perfect House.

Rhône-Alpes Apartments

Uncover the charm of Rhône-Alpes - the beautiful French region in the country's southeast. Located on an impressive mountain range, Rhône-Alpes boasts stunning gorges, vibrant cities and countryside villages that are as scenic as they are serene. With a variety of extraordinary apartment listings for sale, enjoy breathtaking views in this region full of unrivaled beauty. Find high quality apartments offering modern amenities to suit your needs or unique, rustic properties to experience something truly special. Discover everything lovely Rhône-Alpes has to offer with its desirable selection of apartments today!

Rhône-Alpes Houses with pool

Rhône-Alpes is an ideal area for house hunters looking for a property with a swimming pool. Set in the heart of southern France, Rhône-Alpes offers beautiful scenery and stunning views to accompany its many sparkling swimming pools. From quaint rural villages to vibrant cities, you can find your perfect home with a pool tucked away in the rolling hills or conveniently located in bustling neighborhoods. Soak up some sun while taking a dip in one of Rhône-Alpes’s luxury pools or feel refreshed after an invigorating swim at any hour of the day. No matter what type of dream home you are seeking, Rhone-Alpes has something wonderful waiting for you!

Rhône-Alpes Apartments with balcony

Dream of owning a beautiful apartment in Rhône-Alpes? Look no further! Our selection of apartments for sale in the region offer spacious balconies, providing a wonderful view and plenty of fresh air. Whether you are seeking an urban property with modern amenities or a rural refuge surrounded by nature, we can help you find the perfect home. With a wide range of sizes and prices available, our listings feature something for everyone looking for an apartment with balcony in Rhône-Alpes. Browse through our selection today to discover your dream home!

Rhône-Alpes Houses with parking

Rhône-Alpes in France is home to some of the most spectacular houses with garages. Whether you're looking for a small townhouse or a larger detached villa, Rhône-Alpes has something to offer. Many of the homes feature attached garages, providing convenient storage and parking areas. The picturesque mountain landscape offers breathtaking views from many house windows and balconies. You'll find houses of all shapes and sizes that come with their own private garage so you can keep your cars safe and secure without having to park them on the street. Browse our selection today to experience living in one of France's most beautiful regions while enjoying the convenience of your own garage!

Rhône-Alpes Houses with garden

Rhône-Alpes is an idyllic region of France located in the southeast. It's a beautiful area with breathtaking alpine views and lush rolling hills dotted with forests, vineyards, and small villages. For those looking for a house with a garden, Rhône-Alpes has plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want to experience rural living or urban city life, this region has something for everyone - houses here come in all shapes and sizes with gardens ranging from big manicured lawns to quaint cottage style gardens perfect for entertaining guests. Explore the exciting real estate market in Rhône-Alpes: find your perfect dream home with garden today!

Rhône-Alpes Land

Discover Rhône-Alpes, France and its stunning landscapes with its enormous array of plots of land for sale. Whether you're looking for a picturesque place to build a holiday home or an opportunity to invest in pristine rural terrain, this region has something special to offer. From the rich meadowlands and grassy fields in the Ardeche department to the High Alps surrounding Chamonix Mont Blanc, Rhône-Alpes' vast selection of land plots provide ample potential for developing your own unique project. With a multitude of agencies offering expert advice on Drome property investment as well as exploring the Isère countryside's numerous sites de camping et Caravanning opportunities, you're sure to find your piece of paradise among Rhone Alpes' varied parcels of land available for sale today.